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Cybersecurity Built for the Unknown
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Purple AI

Your AI security analyst. Detect earlier, respond faster, and stay ahead of attacks.
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Singularity Endpoint

AI-powered endpoint detection and response
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Singularity Operations Center

Enhance analyst workflows and optimize efficiency through a unified, cloud-native security console.
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Singularity Cloud Native Security

Agentless CNAPP with a unique Offensive Security Engine that uses an attacker's mindset to reveal evidence-backed Verified Exploit Paths(TM)
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Singularity Data Lake

Centralize and transform your data into actionable intelligence for real-time investigation and response.
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Singularity Cloud Workload Security

AI-powered cloud workload protection (CWPP) for servers, VMs, and containers, that detects and stops runtime threats in real time
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Singularity Cloud Data Security

AI-powered threat detection for hybrid cloud object storage like Amazon S3 and NetApp
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Singularity Vulnerability Management

Assess and minimize risk to your attack surface
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Singularity Threat Intelligence

Explore threat intelligence in the Singularity Platform, powered by Mandiant
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Singularity Identity Posture Management

Active Directory assessment and remediation
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Singularity Identity Detection & Response

Protects users and credentials from identity-based attacks.

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